Be Thankful Program


This is a donation program providing Thanksgiving turkeys to approximately 500-1000 underserved families within Chicago. will partner with the Chicago Public School System to realize this initiative. The program is facilitated through a Drawing Contest for children Pre-Kindergarten through 3rd Grade and an Essay Contest for children Grades 4 through 8. All participants will receive a Thanksgiving Turkey. A Review Committee will choose the top three drawings and essays submitted to receive special gifts:

  • The second and third place drawings and essays will receive full Thanksgiving Meals
  • The first place drawing and essay will receive a laptop computer and full Thanksgiving meal
There will be an event on Saturday, November 17, 2007 to award the Thanksgiving Turkeys and Meals.

School Selection & Contest will approach the Chicago Public School System for direction in choosing a well-deserving school (schools). We will establish a relationship with this school (schools) and its administration in September 2007 to discuss the parameters of the program and its objectives. Essay and Drawing requirements will be dispersed to the students on October 1, 2007, and completed pieces will be retrieved on October 21, 2007.

Sponsorship Packages has grown extremely successful due to our involvement with many Chicago-based firms and organizations. As such, we will reach out to our entire network of business associates to join in this event through sponsorship. Three different sponsorship levels will be offered and managed by a non-profit organization.

Community Involvement & Awareness

This program facilitates community involvement at all levels:

  • 500-1000 children will participate in a contest and gain pride from winning
  • 500-1000 families will celebrate Thanksgiving with a special meal
  • School administration will discuss the ‘Be Thankful’ program will their students and express how their community is thankful for them
  • will bring innovation and technology into two families
  • Local business will have an outlet to give to the community, and participate in feeding 500-1000 families
  • To ensure will lead by example, bring awareness to the masses and motivate the community, a press release kit will be distributed for local media to attend the event


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